Bone density scans

I had bone density scans done today to check on the osteoporosis of my spine and hip. Here are the results:

Lumbar Spine Scan

Left Hip Scan

The T-score for my spine is -2.6, and the t-score for my hip is -1.4. Both are well below what they should be for a 30-year-old male. Interestingly, my spine seems to be getting more denser over the past 3 years, but my hip has gone the opposite direction.

I’m taking calcium currently, but I definitely need to start taking something stronger.


One pic from Vegas

Had I had my wits about me while in Vegas, I might’ve taken more pictures, but I only ended up with one. This picture was taken in the Las Vegas airport. They have cool elevators there.

Elevators in Las Vegas airport

Been sick

I’ve been sick the past week. It all started with a tick in the back of my throat on Friday. That night, I felt fevers and chills, and during the weekend I got the normal cold-like syndromes. I also had pretty much no appetite and ate very little the entire weekend. This continued Monday and part of Tuesday. I never felt really all that bad, but the weird thing is the almost complete lack of appetite thing, which I’ve pretty much never experienced to this degree before. I have most of my appetite back now and have been eating lots of fruit today (ate 3 oranges earlier today). While sick, I ate a cup of chili and some ice cream from Saturday thru Monday, and that’s about it. So it was practically a fast.

So that’s about it. I still feel very weak from not having eaten much. But somehow I also feel very clear-headed. All-in-all, it’s been a very interesting sickness…